Tell me who your hero is and i’ll tell…

If you want to think about the profile of a hero here in Colombia you have to ask yourself many questions, because with the fact that now the creole princesses that appear in the series, serve organized crime or flee from it, and male idols obey the patriarchal paradigm of evil Justified by good works or is a fool trapped by his instincts. Read more “Tell me who your hero is and i’ll tell you…”


What should a school be for children in early…

A prioritization of “useful learning” at dizzying speeds, the formation of highly productive individuals at an early age and the unlimited access of children to the media, among others, has left thousands of adolescents victims of eating disorders, school violence, high suicide rates, and especially a maltreatment scheme that advances to its own legitimacy in the personal interactions of early childhood. Read more “What should a school be for children in early childhood?”