Formread is an answer sheet scanner software with OMR (optical mark recognition), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and BCR (Bar Code Recognition)

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Meant for Individual and Companies

You can use right away or implemented in your own web site.

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Easy Peasy

Really easy to use for you or your customers

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FormRead is All Yours

Embed it in an <\iframe> tag and gather the results directly in your system

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Mobile Device

Optimized for All Devices

You can have all the features in any device. Planing to read lots of forms, use it in your desktop/laptop. Want to grade you class as soon as they finish the exam, just grab your phone and get:

  • Online OMR softwareOnline OMR software
  • QR Code and Barcodes recognitionQR Code and Barcodes recognition
  • Optical character recognitionOptical character recognition
Mobile Tablet Desktop Device

Corner Detection for Phone Cameras

FormRead allows you to scan your answer sheet with your phone and perform the well know 4 point transformation and get a scanned-like imaged, just make sure you have:

  • A fairly good camera resolution
  • A steady hand
Device Tablet Phone

API Integration

You have your own system, you don't need to buy software that gives you tons of info and stats that don't fit in it, just get the result and do whatever you want with it.

  • FormRead is all yours, Users will never know they are in another site
  • Gather the results instantaneously
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Check the Api Docs

Start Using it with whatever fits best for you:


$ 0
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Yes is free, no hidden fees, no credit card asked

  • Get all OCR, BCR and OMR
  • Check errors automatically
  • Read up to 10 forms at time


$ 5
Billed per month

Get all Features for only $5, that's some how crazy

  • Get all OCR, BCR and OMR
  • Check errors automatically
  • Save your forms and used it for later
  • No limit in sheets per month
  • One Simultaneous Sessions


$ 20
Billed per month

All premium features plus:

  • 20 Simultaneous Sessions
  • API access integration